Enjoy any of the following services or combination of services within the appropriate month. For example, if you book the February Special it must be within the month of February. For the month of January we have all months available, except the month of January. For January appointments please choose any of the options February through December so the proper time is allotted for your service.


and Non-Member
January SpecialSelect from below$99Learn More
February Special1 hr$99Learn More
March Special1 hr $99Learn More
April Special30 min$99Learn More
May Special1 hr hr$99Learn More
June Special1 hr $99 off Learn More
July Special1 hr 15 min$99Learn More
August Special1 hr$99Learn More
September Special1 hr 30 min$99 offLearn More
October Special1 hr 30 min$99 offLearn More
November Special1 hr $99 offLearn More
December Special30 min$99 or $99 offLearn More

January Special

Choose from below | Starting at $99

How does January work? You can purchase as many monthly deals as you like, so long as you can use them within the month of January.

For the remainder of the year, only the deal of the current month can be used within that month.

*Please do not book this service. It will not be the appropriate length for your desired service. Any Service from February to December may be booked in January! Please select the desired special from the other months and most of all, ENJOY!

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February Special

Super Facial $99

One of our most popular facials. Enjoy an entirely customizable treatment while balancing relaxation and real results. 


We use multiple modalities including aromatherapy, steam, machine vacuum extractions, enzymes for increased exfoliation, dermaplaning, a mask, and more while each product is chosen specifically for your skin and your goals.

March Special

 Back + Booty Facial $99

Give your backside some TLC.  This service will provide your back and rear-end with all the attention it deserves! 


A machine and tool assisted facial will be performed on both areas including but not limited to a double cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme,  mask, massage and aftercare.

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April Special

Diamond Glow $99

A 3-in-one skin resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion to improve the overall  function and appearance of the skin using condition-specific serums. 


Rewards program available via app called all?, previously Brilliant Distinctions.


Don’t feel like laying down for longer than 30 minutes, yet still want to treat your skin concerns? This treatment is perfect for a lunch break, or any other time!  It’s thorough and to the point. 

May Special

Scrubbed & Wrapped $99 or 3 Spraytans $99

Get the ultimate body treatment combining two of our most desired body services. 


Begin this relaxation with a body cleanse and scrub resurfacing the skin, removed with hot soothing towels and a deep essential oil complex. 

Then wrapped in a cocoon with a slimming algae detox and essential nutrients then covered by a weighted blanket  followed by customized aftercare.


Rapid or Regular

Shower in 12-24 hrs

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June Special

Dermal Filler $99 OFF PER SYRINGE 

We lose approximately 1% of our facial volume each year after the age of 25. 


Dermal filler not only helps maintain the natural curves and contours of the face, but can also enhance the fullness of desirable features such as lips, jawline and cheeks. 


5 syringes of filler equates to 1 teaspoon, it’s not as scary as one may think.

July Special

Lift & Tint + Brow Lam $99

Give up the mascara and throw away the lash curler! Lift your natural lashes to open the eye and  give the appearance of extra length. As a bonus, tinting adds dimension and depth!


Are your brows unruly? Thin? Needing some love? We got you. Lamination will lay the hair in your desired direction to make them appear fuller, defined and tame. 


Ask about our brow add-ons!

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August Special

Advanced Anti-Aging $99

A facial designed to strengthen barrier function, minimize wrinkles and fine lines, and reverse the hands of time with hydration while diminishing age spots.


This facial uses top of the line ingredients, steam, dermaplaning, stimulation, and anti-aging topical complex formulas to bring your skin to its best potential. 


No matter your age, this facial is designed for all ages.


September Special

Skinpen® $99 OFF ($251)

Microneedling is a procedure designed specifically to invoke the healing response in your skin by causing micro-trauma in a targeted way. 


This directly stimulates collagen and elastin to produce which is a key component in youthful looking skin.


Microneedling is a great option for anyone looking to defy age or correct imperfections. The skin will tighten, brighten, plump, and rejuvenate as a result! 


Don’t worry, you’re completely numb for this!

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October Special

Kybella® $99 OFF PER VIAL

Kybella is the permanent destruction of fat cells via injectable treatment under the chin or various other areas including fat surrounding the bra, belly,under arm, knee, thigh, etc.


Treatment includes a careful assessment of the desired treatment area, numbing, and the appropriate dosing injected.


Over the following 2-6 weeks the fat will slowly dissolve forever.

November Special

photo facial $99 OFF ($251)

Rid the age spots, vascular lesions (telangiectasias & poikiloderma), rosacea, freckles and sun damage. 


This treatment is one of the most productive results driven in office procedures to treat these concerns. 


Direct sun exposure and tanning should be avoided for 1 month prior and following visit.

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December Special

Chemical Peel ($99 Level I or $99 OFF Level II($251))

Brighten, tighten, decrease pigmentation by lightening the dark irregularities in the skin improving tone. Repair skin from acne damage, active acne breakouts, and scarring. 


Peels are amazing and very versatile. We have peels for all concerns.

Level I & Level II Peels included.

Experience the Next Level