Waxing is hair removed from the root using a heated soft or hard wax. The wax used is dependent on the providers preference as well as the type of hair being removed. Regardless of the location on the body the hair will need to be a minimum length of 1/4 inch. You may compare to a short grain of rice if you’re unsure.

Soft wax, also known as strip wax is a low heat temperature wax removed with a special type of cloth. It is ideal for large areas to make the process as quick and least painful as possible.

Hard wax is a little hotter than soft, and applied to set without the need of paper. It hardens while remaining flexible to be removed in 1 piece.

For all of our waxing services we use sensitive wax to keep the skin from becoming irritated. In addition we prep the skin with a cleaning solution and depilatory oil to maintain sanitation and the skins integrity. Afterward you have the option of a cooling aloe gel application following the service to soothe the skin.


Brow15 Minutes$14$15Learn More
Cheeks15 Minutes$14$15Learn More
Chin15 Minutes$14$15Learn More
Ears15 Minutes$8$8Learn More
Forehead 15 Minutes$17$18Learn More
Full Face40 Minutes$53$58Learn More
Hairline15 Minutes$14$15Learn More
Half Face30 Minutes$35$38Learn More
Lip15 Minutes$11$12Learn More
Nostrils10 Minutes$11$12Learn More
Sideburns 15 Minutes$11$12Learn More
Areola10 Minutes$9$10Learn More
Back45 Minutes$44$48Learn More
Chest30 Minutes$35$38Learn More
Full Arms25 Minutes$41$45Learn More
Half Arm25 Minutes$26$28Learn More
Neck15 Minutes$17$18Learn More
Shoulders25 Minutes$18$20Learn More
Stomach20 Minutes$26$28Learn More
Underarm20 Minutes$18$20Learn More
Bikini25 Minutes$26$28Learn More
Brazilian45 Minutes$56$62Learn More
Buttocks30 Minutes$38$42Learn More
Full Leg1 hour$62$68Learn More
Half Leg30 Minutes$36$40Learn More
Bikini & Brow wax45 Minutes$38$42Learn More
Toes & Feet10 Minutes$14$15Learn More

Face & Neck

Choose between our different head and face waxing options.


15 min | $18+

We take pride in not over waxing, and delivering your exact preference of hair removal. Includes brow trimming


15 min | $14+

Hair removal from area of cheeks level with the lips and below to jaw line


15 min | $8+

Inner and outer ear, removing peach fuzz and any inner ear hair growth


15 min | $17+

from the hairline to the brow line cleaning up and removing any unwanted hair in the forehead area

Full Face

40 min | $53+

Combine your waxing treatments with this option. This removes everything from forehead, brow, sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, lower lip, chin, and jawline.

Half Face

30 min | $35+

Save a few dollars with this option! Includes high cheeks, sideburns, upper lip, lower lip, chin, and jawline.


15 min | $11+

Upper lip is included in this service. Lower lip upon request.

Lip & Chin

25 min | $26+

Upper lip, lower lip, and the bulb of the chin down to where the chin meets the high point of the neck.


10 min | $11+

removal of visible nostril hair. Suitable for men and women.


15 min | $11+

lined up with the up of the ear, along the front of the ear to the jaw line. suitable for men and women.

BASE - Head & Face Waxing
BASE - Upper Body Waxing

Upper Body Waxing

Choose between our different upper body waxing options.

Hair must be the length of a grain of rice. Typically 4-5 weeks is recommended between waxing sessions.


45 min | $44+

Full Back Wax


30 min | $35+

Full pectoral region

Full Arms

25 min | $41+

both arms, full hair removal

Half Arm

25 min | $26+

either from the elbow to the wrist, or elbow to the shoulder area


20 min | $26+

$25+ high waist to top of hip bone


20 min | $18+

both armpits

Lower Body Waxing

Choose between our different lower body waxing options. Hair must be the length of a grain of rice. Typically 4-5 weeks is recommended between waxing sessions.


25 min – 2 hr | $26+

$25+. clean up the bikini area outside the panty lines and top of bikini area.


45 min | $56+

Front to Back. This service is the removal of all under the undies.


30 min | $38+

Removal of butt cheek hair

Full Leg

1 hr | $62+

Wax the entire leg above and below the knee up to the bikini line

Half Leg

30 min | $36+

knee down

Toes & Feet

10 min | $14+

toes & foot hair removed

BASE - Lower Body Waxing
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