At BASE Tattoo removal is a treatment provided for those intending to lighten body art and permanent cosmetic tattoos. Currently we provide the salt & saline method which is a treatment using a tattoo machine and a solution with a high concentration of sodium to help lift the inks and pigments in the skin. This method can be used on old and new tattoos of color and shades with high success rates of lightening all types of tattooing. Multiple treatments are often required. We do provide consultations on this service however every individual is different and predicting the outcome of the service is quite impossible. If you’d like to consult with us anyways, feel free to give us a call and we will provide our best opinion and suggestion for you.


Tattoo Solutions1 hr$189$210Learn More

Tattoo Solutions

Lightening and Removal

1 hr | $189+

$200/ hour. $150 for the first session. No area larger than a deck of cards can be treated at any single appointment. May require several visits for maximum or desired results. Sessions may be no closer together than every 6 weeks. Consultation is encouraged.

BASE - Tattoo Removal
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