Spraytans at BASE Spa & Wellness are not your typical spraytan experience. Over the last 20 years spraytanning has evolved so incredibly much in such a positive way and we  here at B.A.S.E. have been keeping up with the latest innovations to bring them to you. We have created the perfect set up which is heated, and naturally lit to ensure the best possible experience and outcome.

Sunless tans are a UV free, safe for pregnancy, option to get a quick tan for any occasion.

A lot of what we are hearing from first time clients at the spa are things like “I just don’t want to be orange,” and “I don’t want to be too dark.” Rest assured, we strive to offer a wide range of options so every skin tone and every results from light natural glow to the darkest brown bronze are available to you, and none of them are orange.

We carry both long development tans, and quick rapid developing tans so a spraytan service will fit perfectly into your day no matter your lifestyle. Long development tans are the selections that require 24 hours of waiting prior to a shower. You may be thinking, wow, that is a long time what is the benefit of that? Well, the longer you are capable of waiting in this tan, the longer it will last (7-12 days). The peak development period is between 16-24 hours, so showering prior to that is not recommended. On the other hand we have rapid tans which can be showered between 1-12 hours. Wide range of time, right? Showering between 1 and 3 hours will give you enough longevity for a few days. It is a great option for those occasions the day of or day after getting spraytanned. If you wear a rapid tan for 12 hours, we have found that you can get 5-12 days of tan skin. We carry about 20 colors depending on the season, we are sure we have the best fit for you.

If you are looking for the best spray tan around, you’ve landed on the right page. We have been spray-tanning for several years, and in that time we have had the opportunity to make brides feel complete on their special day, give a professional speaker the confidence to be on brightly lit live television, provide an entire family a light bronzed glow so they can have healthy happy family photos, and more. You can trust us.


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Recommended Session

15 min | $35+

The recommended session is named as that, the most suitable service for all skin types, and we recommend it! This spraytan selection comes with a prep glove that gently exfoliates the skin, hydrates the skin, and balances the pH just prior to the spraytan allowing a very natural color to develop. A color that is best suited for the occasion and skin tone is then sprayed on by hand using our HVLP machine. Following the tan you will receive a re-moisturizing spray to support the spraytan solution, and color development.

BASE - Recommended Session
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