The brow page is dedicated to tinting, henna, and brow styling. If you desire waxing, sugaring, threading or permanent make up please visit the links provided below.


Ultimate Brow Treatment With Henna 35 min$44$48Learn More
Ultimate Brow Treatment With Tint35 min$35$38Learn More
Ultimate Brow Lamination With Henna50 min$72$80Learn More
Ultimate Brow Lamination With Tint50 min$63$70Learn More
Brow Henna35 min$27$30Learn More
Brow Tint 15 min$20$22Learn More
Brow Waxing15 min$14$15Learn More
Explore Microblading & Permanent Make Up OptionsLearn More

Ultimate Brow Treatment

35 min | $35+

This service is truly the ultimate brow treatment. In this service your brows are professionally shaped, trimmed, waxed and tinted.

*You may upgrade to henna for an additional $8, just let your provider know when you call to book!

**For brow waxing or threading, please select the threading or waxing categories located under services and pricing.

BASE - Brow Henna

Brow Henna

35 min | $27+

The latin name for henna is Lawsonia Inermis. It is a type of bush that grows in the north of Africa, the Middle East and India. Crushed into powder it is used to decorate the skin, this is what most people think of when they hear the word henna. Henna traditionally needs to develop for hours to leave a stain on the skin. This special formulation allows for variations of brown to stain both the skin and the hair after about 30 minutes of setting.

All hair colors from blond to black are candidates for this service. It can last on the skin for up to 14 days, and on the hair for up to 6 weeks. Anyone considering permanent make up on the brows is a great candidate for this service, to get an idea of the potential shape permanent make up can provide. In addition, those with sparse, gray, or gaps in the brow are also perfect candidates.

Included in this service is the application of henna on to the brow creating a more defined shape. We have several colors to either match or deepen the brow color which is decided during the consultation portion of this appointment. It is then rinsed off after 30 minutes leaving the brows looking fuller and rich with color.

Brow Tint

15 min | $20+

Brow tint is a service that provides a tinting of the brows with dye formulated to safely be applied to facial hair such as brows, beards, and eyelashes. During this service we consult with you about the ideal color you’re hoping to achieve. We then mix and apply that solution to the brows in a complimentary shape that suits your facial features and desired look. The tint can be applied to the hair alone, or also applied to the skin to make the shape more defined. The tint lasts on the skin for 3-5 days, and the hair for approximately 3-4 weeks.

BASE - Brow Tint
BASE - Explore Waxing

Explore Brow Hair Removal Options

The brow page does not include hair removal option information but we have made it easy for you, so click below for the page that suits your search.


Laser Hair Removal

Explore Microblading & Permanent Make Up

Would you like to learn more about permanent make up including brow microblading and different shading options? If the answer is yes, please click here.

BASE - Explore Microblading
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