Enjoy any of the following services or combination of services within the appropriate month. For example, if you book the February Special it must be within the month of February. For the month of January we have all months available, except the month of January. For January appointments please choose any of the options February through December so the proper time is allotted for your service.

*Online booking is only available for the current month. To book in advance please contact us.


and Non-Member
January SpecialSelect from below$99Learn More
February Special1 hr 30 min$99Learn More
March Special1 hr 15 min$99Learn More
April Special1 hr 35 min$99Learn More
May Special1 hr 20 min$99Learn More
June Special1 hr 15 min$99 off Learn More
July Special1 hr 15 min$99Learn More
August Special15 min$99Learn More
September Special1 hr 30 min$99Learn More
October Special1 hr 20 min$99Learn More
November Special1 hr 30 min$99Learn More
December Special30 min$99Learn More

January Special

Choose from below | Starting at $99

The January Special is a New Year’s Gift from BASE to you. An unlimited amount of selections, so many to choose from. Why choose just one? Any person can pick as many monthly specials as they want, must all be redeemed in the month of January.

*Please do not book this service. It will not be the appropriate length for your desired service. Any Service from February to December may be booked in January! Please select the desired special from the other months and most of all, ENJOY!

BASE - January Promotions
BASE - Febuary Promotions

February Special

1 hr 30 min | $99

3. Super Facial (1 hour 30 minutes, $150)

March Special

1 hr 15 min | $99

Brazilian (45 minutes, $60)
Brow (15 minutes, $18)
4. Rapid Tan (15 minutes, $45)

BASE - March Promotions
BASE - April Promotions

April Special

1 hr 35 min | $99

Keratin Lash Lift & Tint (55 minutes, $95)
Full Face (40 minutes, $55)

Curl your lashes for good with this service. In approximately 45 minutes we will take your lashes from straight or down-turned to curled and perfectly fanned and spaced. The lash lift lasts for 6-8 weeks. While it may be great and very convenient for shortening getting-ready time, it does not have to be maintained. This service makes mascara application so easy, toss the curler, and don’t worry about multiple coats. Having your lashes curled and perfectly spaced makes applying mascara so incredibly simple. In addition a brow wax will be added using a cleansing prep, depilatory oil, and hard wax followed by a cooling gel for added comfort.

May Special

1 hr 20 min | $99

Body Glaze (45 minutes, $85)
Ultimate Brow Treatment with Henna (35 minutes, $43)

Ultimate Brow with Henna or Tint + Body Glaze Treatment. The body glaze includes a resurfacing and relaxing neck to toes treatment. Within this package we will begin with a brow wax, then move onto the body glaze. Including in the body glaze is a refining cleanse, deep exfoliation, steam, hot and cool towels and moisturizer beginning face down. Once we turn you, the henna will be applied and the front of the body will follow.

BASE - May Promotions
BASE - June Promotions

June Special

1 hr 15 min | $250

Dysport/Botox (20 minutes, $100)
Fillers (55 minutes, $600)

July Special

1 hr 15 min | $99

IV Nutrient Drip (1 hour 15 minutes, $99)

BASE - July Promotions
BASE - August Special

August Special

15 min | $99.00

Single Shiver Session (5 minutes, $65)
Vitamin B12 Shot (10 minutes, $36)

September Special

1 hr 30 min | $99.00

Deep Tissue Massage | 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes, $100)

BASE _ September Special
BASE - October Special

October Special

1hr 20 min | $99.00

Microdermabrasion (1 hour, $125)
Add-on – High Frequency (20 minutes, $15)

November Special

1 hr 30 min | $99.00

Dermaplane & Peel/Enzyme Combo (1 hour, $100)
Anti-Aging Red Light Treatment (30 minutes, $35)

BASE - November Special
BASE - December Promotions

December Special

30 min | $99.00

Chemical Peel (30 minutes, $125)

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