BASE has recently added several body treatment options including exfoliation, wraps, scrubs, detox and more. We will be adding many new exciting services in the coming months, please check back periodically, or fill out the subscription at the bottom of the page.


Back Facial1 hr | $75.00Learn More
Body Wrap1 hr | $75.00Learn More
Body Scrub1 hr | $75.00Learn More

Back Facial

1 hr | $75.00

The Back Facial is a treatment focused on smoothing and hydrating the skin on your back. It is mainly focused on the upper two thirds of the back. We utilize hot steam towels, machine assisted extractions, customized masks, scrubs, and proper hydration. For an area that hardly sees attention due to it being hard to reach, this service is suitable for everyone. Especially those who sweat frequently, have acne on their back, or are skin irregularities.

BASE - Upper Body Waxing
BASE - Chest Facial

Body Wrap

1 hr | $110.00

Content coming soon…

Body Scrub

1 hr 30 min | $150.00

Content coming soon…

BASE - Body Scrub
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